The Braided Whip

I’ve been thinking about Jesus outside the temple, patiently braiding that whip out of cords. I’ve been trying to figure out exactly what it meant, that careful work to create a weapon with which to drive the money changers and the livestock sellers out of the temple. The incident would set the city astir and lead [...]

In Celebration of Boobs

This afternoon, I was listening to an NPR show about National Breast Cancer Awareness and the meaning of the pink ribbon, and thinking of my friend who died of breast cancer. How all the awareness and early detection in the world couldn’t save her. Then in the shower tonight, as I examined my own pair, [...]

Colonel Mann (A Slightly-Late Sunday Celebration)

I’ve known him all my life. Always he’s been there, around the edges and sometimes right in the middle of memory. Sometimes swinging an axe, other times sitting behind a cheap desk smiling at me with those perfectly even white teeth. Those preternaturally blue eyes. Later I think of him drinking an amber beer. The [...]

The Complainy Guy at the Yard Sale

I have exactly 1 hour and 18 minutes in which to write this Sunday Celebration before it is officially no longer Sunday. I apologize if it comes off a little less polished than usual. In the interest of getting this done quickly, I decided to celebrate the first person who popped into my head. Oddly, [...]

Why I Love the Hijackers

This is part of my Sunday Celebrations series. If you’re a U.S. citizen and not living in a barn in the boondocks, and maybe even if you are, you know what today is. It’s “Patriot Day,” “9/11 Day,” “The Day The Twin Towers Fell.” Or whatever. And it’s the tenth anniversary of that. And it’s been talked [...]

Sunday Celebration: Easy to Love, Hard to Love

Welcome to Sunday Celebrations! If you want to know more about what this is, go here first. This is my first Sunday Celebration, and I’m starting with someone who is both easy to love, and hard to love. His name is Everett. He is three years old and was born to us in this very [...]

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