My Winter Poem

Grateful for the frost that sculpts Each leaf a separate work of art Grateful for the frosted dam that rises Through the mist and reflects. Grateful for each blade of grass Yet green ‘neath hoary glaze of frost Grateful for the sun that creeps by moments Down the bare grey trunk Brighting each tree naked. [...]

You Don’t Have to Walk On Your Knees

Today I bought a little notebook. It’s about four inches tall with pale cream pages, lined. It’s got a hard cover that is made to look like leather, with fake silver embossing so it looks like a miniature version of a classic old book. At the very front of this book I wrote: “You are [...]

I’m in the Laundry Room. Where are You?

This is where we go to Quaker Meeting for Worship, when we go. Which is almost never these days, but I digress. It’s a craftsman-like building nestled in the hilly woods of Northern Charlotte. The worship room is octagonal, the better for sitting in a circle to look at each other while we listen for [...]


I’ve gone all fancy and created an editorial calendar. It’s really for keeping track of client blogs, but I’m keeping my blogs in there too. What this means for you is that I’m about to become very regular about posting here *at least once a month.* Assuming, of course, that I actually follow through this [...]

Darn technology…

It just figures–our server host went down or exploded or maybe created a new universe by imploding suddenly yesterday, right after I posted about the frogs. Which means anyone desperately trying to get over here and look at my latest post couldn’t. It does terrible things to my stats when that happens. So, if you’re [...]

Croaking Into the Silence

I came to my thinking spot a few weeks ago for a quick break from my work, a little peek at the view. When I arrived, the frogs were calling me so I went. Down the twisting path where evergreen honeysuckle presses its seasonal advantage against winter-deadened kudzu. Down past the soaring stumps of trees [...]

You’re Beautiful. You’re Magical.

Last weekend… ugh. Ya know? I’m feeling much better now, thank you. Thank everyone who helped me, and there were many of you. And God helped too, because I asked, and she’s cool that way. So then I posted that Open Invitation and no one responded, which is also cool ’cause maybe someone will see [...]

Open Invitation

For anyone hiding a secret shame, anyone suffering in silent anxiety. Maybe you think it’s something you’ve done that makes you feel so unworthy. Maybe you don’t know why you feel so awful, but you’re afraid to talk about it. Maybe you’ve talked about it before and no one listened, or their response just made [...]

About Shame. And Anxiety. And Sexual Abuse. And Not Having the Answers.

I am overwhelmed with work, and overwhelmed with other things at the moment. I do not have time for a post and yet. Here it is. Because although I don’t have time for a post, I do have time for a conversation, and this is a conversation. It will will be brief or maybe rambling, [...]

Why I Believe God Has No Plan for You

If you’ve been reading for a while, you may have noticed that I talk about Jesus from time to time, and a lot about God. I am a great admirer of both. But I don’t believe a lot of the things people around me seem to believe about God. For instance, when someone stands up [...]

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