My Winter Poem

Grateful for the frost that sculpts

Each leaf a separate work of art

Grateful for the frosted dam that rises

Through the mist and reflects.

Grateful for each blade of grass

Yet green ‘neath hoary glaze of frost

Grateful for the sun that creeps by moments

Down the bare grey trunk

Brighting each tree naked.

Grateful for the gift of breath

Received, cold clear and

Given back again mist,

White warm rising.

Grateful for the fingers numb

That move across keys but stiff

Grateful for the rite of coming

Home warm peeling coat

Hat leash treats feeding

The dog.


–Heather Head


This poem was inspired by a 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge I participated in on Facebook. Thirty days is harder than it sounds. There were days when it was hard to find something to feel grateful for, to reach down deep in my gut and find that sense of gratitude. Days when I faked it and said what I was grateful for, trusting that when I said it, the feeling of gratitude would follow. It always did. And those were always the days when I was most glad I’d done it.

Most of all, by the end of the thirty days (today), I feel steeped in thankfulness, like my whole being is infused by its presence. And this is what came out of it: The first poem I’ve written since … since college, I think.

Today I am grateful for poetry.

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