I’ve gone all fancy and created an editorial calendar. It’s really for keeping track of client blogs, but I’m keeping my blogs in there too. What this means for you is that I’m about to become very regular about posting here *at least once a month.* Assuming, of course, that I actually follow through this time. I’m also posting on Curiosity Cat *twice* a month. Whew. Fast-paced is my middle name.

And there is a new post coming up here very very soon. It’s called “Gym Shorts” but actually it has nothing to do with Gym Shorts and that’s just the name of the file the draft is currently saved under. It will have some other infinitely less interesting title and I’ll have to save the talk about gym shorts and how embarrassingly awful mine always were in high school and which of the “always-picked-last” kids I was, for another day.

And when you read the one I’ve been working on for you, you’ll understand the irony of the title of this entry. And also all my references to the past and “another day.” Because none of them really matter. But that’s coming up. Stay tuned. Love you!

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