I’m in the Laundry Room. Where are You?

This is where we go to Quaker Meeting for Worship, when we go. Which is almost never these days, but I digress. It’s a craftsman-like building nestled in the hilly woods of Northern Charlotte. The worship room is octagonal, the better for sitting in a circle to look at each other while we listen for [...]

Croaking Into the Silence

I came to my thinking spot a few weeks ago for a quick break from my work, a little peek at the view. When I arrived, the frogs were calling me so I went. Down the twisting path where evergreen honeysuckle presses its seasonal advantage against winter-deadened kudzu. Down past the soaring stumps of trees [...]

  • A Few Beautiful Things

    Inspiration and Community for Writers
    Fun prompts, great community, opportunities to be published.

    What Happens Now
    A tale of survival and recovery and beauty. You'll be angry and glad and amazed.

    Officer Superhero
    This one makes me laugh and cry at the same time. If you're a mom, an NVC advocate, or human you should definitely not miss this one.

    Sowing Dreams
    Hope and tears from this one. If you know an autistic child, love someone, or have ever yearned for more hope, this one is for you.

    Writing is a Beautiful Violence
    This pretty much sums it up.